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Fall River pet(s) of the week are sweet happy, energetic and looking for a home together



Do you want to start a grumble of your very own? Do you want to add to an existing grumble? Look no further than the Fall River Forever Paws Pet(s) of the Week!

Molly and Amber are two pugs looking for a home to live out their golden years. Amber is about nine years old and only has one eye. The other was surgically removed some years ago but she never let it get her down! Molly is about ten years old…and has both of her eyes.

Since they’ve been together for their entire lives, Forever Paws is trying their absolute hardest to ensure that they stay together. They enjoy each other’s company and have gotten each other through some very hard times, and they really do not want to separate them.

Amber is pretty high energy for her age! Her one speed is “zoom” and she’s always wagging and approaching people for attention. Molly is a bit slower…but not by much! Molly is fine with cats while Amber is selective. They are both perfectly fine with other dogs!

Neither of them has any health issues that the vet has noticed aside from some moderate dental disease which is to be expected at their age and Amber’s previously enucleated eye.

They are both sweet, happy, energetic girls looking for somewhere that they can go TOGETHER. Don’t be fooled by their age; they both have plenty of spirit and energy left in them! They are outgoing and affectionate and just need someone that will return that affection!

Other dogs are okay, cats MAYBE okay, no kids under 12 years old.

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