Fall River Forever Paws Pet of the Week is sweeter and sillier than you could ever imagine



If you are looking to adopt a dog in Fall River and currently have another dog, the Forever Paws Pet of the Week may just be for you.

Lola’s been with Forever Paws for about a month so she’s seven months old now. Her brother has been adopted. She’s trying to be patient and keep her hopes up and hold on to that puppy girl optimism but she’s struggling.

She’s a big baby at about 70lbs but she’s sweeter and sillier than you could ever imagine.

Lola is a Virgo, she loves attention and long walks, plush toys are her favorite, and she’s a little bit of a thrill seeker (easily excitable). As typical of Virgos, Lola seems to have about a billion thoughts per second and has trouble settling on just one.

She does well with male dogs, especially male dogs that want to play, play, play! She does get distracted pretty easily though, so a dog that can go with the flow would be a good match for her. No cats and no children under the age of 12-years-old as Forever Paws doesn’t have a history on her and doesn’t know how she would be with small kids.

Lola just needs a chance. Just one. Don’t let her breed cloud your judgment.

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