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Fall River crime and potholes

Fall River crime and pot holes



Fall River crime and pot holes

If Linda Pereira and Jasiel Correia are listening, their campaign promises should be two fold.  Cut crime and fill potholes. If you ask most people in this city what they want from their local leadership, that is the answer you are most likely to get.

“There are shootings every day”. That has become a popular phrase on social media these days in Fall River. While the phrase is far from correct, there have been about 40 so far this year which is a number that is way too high. On top of the shootings, there is the well known drug problem. Ever meet someone in this city who doesn’t want the city to get a handle on it? I haven’t. This isn’t a knock on the Fall River police either. Many a night calls don’t get answered for an hour or more due to lack of officers on the beat.

Then there are the potholes. You could name almost any street and you will hear someone mention it has potholes. Some say the whole city is a pothole. That is a stretch for sure, but people want a nice smooth ride through the city. They don’t want a flat tire, bent hub caps or broken axles. Potholes come with the territory of living in a climate where it goes from hot to cold, then back to hot again. The salt and plowing doesn’t help that either. Residents don’t care about that though. They just want a clean ride home from a hard days work. Some have been getting filled in although not to the standards that some would prefer.

So Jasiel and Linda, take it from me. If you want to win this election, promise smoother and quieter streets.

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