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Fall River area residents spreading kindness one rock at a time



Photo courtesy of Kindred Rocks

FALL RIVER, MA (December 31, 2020) Have you noticed all of the painted rocks in our city lately? What you’re seeing is a part of a global movement called The Kindness Rocks Project and there are several kindness rock groups operating right here in Fall River. Kindred Rocks is one of the new local groups who have been inspired by the Kindness Rocks Project started in Cape Cod by Megan Murphy.

The group Kindred Rocks began in August of this year and already has over 1,800 members, but they are always looking for more residents to help spread kindness across the Fall River area.

“Back in 2015, Megan wrote “You’ve got this” on a rock and left it at the beach where her friend found it and was moved by it. Soon the movement spread across America. Over the summer while the people of Fall River were isolating (due to COVID-19) and looking for a way to connect with each other while keeping distant, The Kindness Rocks movement surged.”

Megan Murphy said: “One message at the right time can change your entire outlook on your day or even your life.” Kindred Rock’s Admin Elizabeth agrees: “As far back as I can remember, my parents always taught me the importance of having empathy for others, always leading by example and performing random acts of kindness. Painting is meditative and calming and I love projecting positive intentions and thoughts into a world that can sometimes be dim for so many.”

According to the group, the premise is simple. Rocks are ‘hidden’ or placed at playgrounds, healthcare facilities, walking trails, stores and any place people would like to share some kindness. On the back of the rocks there are tags or labels directing the finder of the rock to the Facebook group of the member who created it. Group members get excited when the finder of the rock takes a picture of it and posts it to Facebook. The finder can then keep their new rock, share it with a friend, or hide it again for others to find.

According to its members, Kindred Rocks [KROCKS] is more than just a rock painting group on Facebook. It’s a community of inspiration and support in Fall River where so many local residents are struggling.

According to Hope, the founder of KROCKS, “The most meaningful part of being a member of this group for me is that we all support and encourage each other. It started with seeing the amazing creations and different styles but quickly became a family to me. A family of people I can count on and who can count on me…I’m given the opportunity to ‘be the change’ in the community, in someone’s day, and many times the change in their lives.”

KROCKS group member Sara likes to paint kindness rocks with her children: “I love the ideas and the creativity and it’s a great way to teach my kids to be creative. But for me the big #1 is knowing that so many people are committed to raising the collective well-being of their Community; especially now, when it really counts.”

Group member Holly creates rocks and also leaves hats and mittens for those in need. She says “The most meaningful part of being a member is the personal caring and The happy feeling I get from helping someone else smile. The kindness rocks project started with one woman and has touched so many others.”

Elizabeth says, “I love the Simplicity of it. I love that people of all ages and skill levels can participate. This year, so many of us have had to endure so much pain in so little time and this group provides me with the support and kindness so many of us need and look forward to each day.”

KROCKS Community Outreach is currently accepting painted kindness rocks for nursing homes. Kindness rocks can also be painted and left anywhere you would like to share some kindness. You don’t need to be a member of a group to begin. Just start painting!

Currently there are several kindness rock painting groups operating in harmony in Fall River. We invite you to join us in spreading kindness one rock at a time. Below are the links to our Facebook pages.

Kindred Rocks: Kindred Rocks |

Dream Rocks: Dream Rocks |

SouthCoast Rocks: Southcoast Rocks |

Bristol County Rocks: Bristol County Rocks |

RivaRocks: RivaRocks |

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