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VIDEO: EPIX® network releases first episode online, episode descriptions for “Fall River” original docuseries



Premium network EPIX®, who previously announced that docuseries Fall River would debut on May 16 at 10pm has released a new trailer and the air date schedule for the series.

In 1979 – almost 90 years after infamous, accused murderer Lizzie Borden’s notorious acquittal – Fall River, Massachusetts would become home to another terrifying series of crimes. When three young women were killed in a streak of brutal murders, police alleged a satanic cult was practicing human sacrifice. The cult leader, a man named Carl Drew, was captured and sent to prison for life without parole.

Twenty years after the trial, the lead investigator Paul Carey became so haunted by inconsistencies in the stories that he re-investigated his own case after he retired. Evidence surfaced that brought the entire story into question. Now through exclusive interviews, including intimate conversations with Drew, new witnesses and illuminating evidence, this documentary series will tell the true story of a town caught in the grips of the paranoia and fear around the 1980s Satanic Panic, and will shed light on murders that were thought to have been solved.

“James Buddy Day and Blumhouse have brilliantly told this story of a town rattled by crime and caught in the throes of the satanic panic,” said Michael Wright, president, EPIX. “This series uncompromisingly seeks justice for the vulnerable, who fell victim to their dangerous surroundings, and closure to those that have gone for so many years without it.”

“Fall River does more than chronicle the sensational murders that beset this town, but gives a face and voice to the marginalized victims, women who, because they were sex workers, did not receive the care and attention warranted during the investigation into their deaths,” said Mary Lisio, EVP Alternative and Non-Scripted Programming, Blumhouse Television. “Over the course of filming, we uncovered aspects of the investigation that were previously unknown, new evidence, that 41 years later bring us closer to the truth of what really happened to these women.”

Fall River is executive produced by Jason Blum and directed/executive produced by James Buddy Day (The Lover’s Lane Murders, Manson: The Women, The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell). Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio, Michael Wright, Jill Burkhart also serve as executive producers. The series will be internationally distributed by MGM.

Episode 101 – “My Soul To Keep”

1979 – Fall River, MA – home to the notorious Lizzie Borden, and a seedy hive of drugs, prostitution and organized crime. After a sex worker is found brutally murdered at a local high school, police uncover a Satanic cult, and a sadistic pimp, Carl Drew. As detectives race to secure the testimony of a witness, she becomes the next victim. Police go to desperate measures to prevent another Satanic sacrifice and are aided by 17 year-old Robin Murphy who provides them with answers.

Episode 102 – “Deal With the Devil”

Satan takes a prominent role in the bizarre 1981 trial of Carl Drew, as the “Satanic Panic” incites fear across the country. Carl’s claims of innocence are overlooked, leading to a shocking injustice. The lead detective in the case becomes so haunted by his own investigation that he pledges to undue Carl’s conviction. After a six year hunt for new evidence, he uncovers a shocking truth.

Episode 103 – “Mark of the Beast”

Through a prison interview, Robin Murphy’s harrowing account brings everything into question. Her story paints a picture of corruption and neglect that reveals a truth never before considered. An additional murder is revealed, previously thought to be unconnected to the case, that may put the puzzle together.

Episode 104 – “Into Hell”

While Carl Drew appeals his case, a new witness is discovered who describes one of the murders. Filmmakers return to meet with Robin Murphy a final time. After compiling all the evidence a new possibility is presented that turns the case on its head. As the pandemic disrupts the documentary, filmmakers take their findings to an innocence program.

The air date schedule is as follows:

Sunday, May 16th at 10PM – Episode 101
Sunday, May 23rd at 10PM – Episode 102
Sunday, May 30th from 9-11PM – Two-part Series Finale

For the first episode of the series, click here.
Warning: Graphic images and nudity

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