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Child sex offender arrested again after allegedly re-offending



An area sex offender was arrested Friday after allegedly re-offending.

According to Captain Philip Gould, earlier this morning, Lincoln Police Department arraigned 67-year-old Marcel Lavallee on the charge of Possession of Child Pornography. Lavallee was arrested this past Friday on an arrest warrant obtained for a probation violation.

On February 11th, Lincoln Police Detectives, along with members of RI Probation, were conducting a compliance check of Lavallee at his residence of 368 Old River. During their check, investigators found suspicious items that appeared to be in violation with his probation guidelines. Investigators seized several items that were later examined. Upon examination, it was discovered these items contained images of child pornography in violation of RI General Law 11-9-1.3. An Arrest Warrant was obtained and subsequently served this past Friday. Lavallee was processed and transported to the ACI where he was held until today’s arraignment.

Following his arraignment, Lavallee was returned back to the ACI where he is awaiting a Probation Violation Hearing. Lavelle’s pre-arraignment conference for the new child pornography charges is scheduled for May 18th
Lavallee is a registered sex offender with the Town of Lincoln, although he was not leveled as his previous conviction pre-dated Meghan’s Law requirements. Lavallee had been arrested by the Lincoln Police in 2001 for Child Pornography for which he received 5 years probation.

At the time of his arrest, Lavallee was awaiting a Leveling Hearing, following a 2019 conviction on charges of child pornography brought by the RI State Police.

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