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Brockton officers credited with saving infant’s life



(Brockton, MA May 27, 2021) 911 RECORDING “911, this call is recorded. Where is your emergency? 184 Winthrop Street in Brockton 02301 I have a child she’s like saliva coming she’s having like difficulty breathing.”

According to Brockton Police, Risibele Conceicao was beside herself during and after she made that 911 call at about 11 p.m. Tuesday, May 25th. Who could blame her? The 26-year-old mother and her mom were doing what they could to save her newborn.

“Two police officers arrived so fast. It had to be less than two minutes,” she said.

Patrol Officer Jerry Sonnal quickly entered the multi-family home through the rear stairwell while Patrol Officer Franklin Tejeda rushed through the front. The baby’s mother alerted Tejeda that her child was upstairs choking. The grandmother handed the infant to Officer Tejeda, who reached the second-floor first.

“…I began to perform first responder aid, which is a technique we use to rescue an infant who is choking,” explained Officer Tejada. “I turned her over and administered back slaps.”

Moments later, Maddison Mendes started breathing normally again.

“I’m very happy for what the officers did to save my baby,” exclaimed Conceicao. “I want to thank them with all my heart for their service. May God always bless them with their job and family and all their colleagues.”

Conceicao reports that her baby no longer struggles to breathe. Young Maddison is home and doing fine. “The officers who helped me are so awesome.”

Brockton Police Chief Manny Gomes couldn’t agree more.

“Our officers are not only trained well, they consistently persevere. I’m proud to work alongside them,” said Chief Gomes, who was already making plans to recognize Tejeda and two others for their heroic efforts earlier this month. Tejeda was the first police officer to arrive and dive into Waldo Lake, trying to rescue two children on the night of May 15th at D.W. Field Park. The Chief will also honor Officers Derek Scully and Matt Farrell, who dove in soon after.

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