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“App and Drive” is new danger among teens study finds



According to a new study, texting while driving may not be the biggest driving concern among teens.

According to new research conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), while 27 percent of teens today still report texting and driving, a bigger concern is that 68 percent admit to using apps while driving.

The study also revealed that approximately 80 percent of teens fundamentally view app use while driving as “not distracting.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance has some tips to help teens use apps less while driving which will help parents worry less:

-Hide the phone! 73 percent of teens admit to having their phones nearby while driving alone. Ask teens to keep their phones out of reach and on silent so they’re less tempted to check incoming app notifications and more likely to keep their eyes on the road.

– Map it out: 42 percent of teens say they text while driving to get directions or find out how to get somewhere. Teach teens to program their navigation apps before getting behind the wheel or pull over to double check directions.

-Set Expectations: Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD encourage parents and teens to use the Teen Driving Contract as a conversation starter and discussion guide. This tool covers important safety issues and is an easy roadmap for parents and teens alike to uphold family driving rules.

Follow the link for a report on the full study: Apps and Teen Driving

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