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Animal sanctuary takes in almost 100 neglected chickens, looking for donations



Photo courtesy of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

A local animal sanctuary could use some community support after taking in 100 chickens.

Debra White, president & founder of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary released a statement concerning the care and situation of the chickens:

“We just welcomed close to 100 chickens from a horrifying case of neglect. My heartfelt gratitude to Plymouth Animal Shelter for their incredible tenacity and compassion on this case. They discovered over 200 Bantam chickens being kept in cramped, filthy cages with no protection from the brutal cold and no food or water. Many of them were already dead and the ones who were still alive were in dire need of help. They contacted numerous rescue groups without success, so when they reached out to me, I said, “Bring all of them to me.”
I worked quickly to create two pens. When they arrived at Winslow, they were exhausted, dehydrated and many needed their bodies and feet to be cleaned of layers of excrement adhering to them. Two hens were even held together by their feet being stuck in dried excrement. Many are missing toes, horribly malnourished and in shock.”

“I have the chickens in a heated area in one of the farm’s buildings and they have received syringe feedings of electrolytes and vitamins. They are also enjoying mealworms and lettuce. The chickens are quietly resting now. They will need to remain in this heated building until they are strong enough to roam the beautiful farm.”

“Until then, we are in need of monetary donations for necessary veterinary care, heating costs and fresh produce.”

“It is unbearable and outrageous to see what these chickens have suffered, but now the chickens will live as all animals are supposed to live… In peace, comfort, freedom and complete love.”

If you are interested in donating to the sanctuary, you can send a check directly to the farm:
Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary
37 Eddy St
Norton MA

Or you can donate via PayPal on the Winslow Farm website

According to the sanctuary, for produce, the chickens love red leaf lettuce and canned corn.

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