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Air Quality Alert Issued For Tuesday



Air quality forecasters are predicting air quality that is unhealthy for sensitive groups Thursday. Fall River is expected to have an AQI of 115.

With hot, summery weather, EPA and state air quality forecasters predict areas of unhealthy air quality.

“On days when unhealthy air quality is predicted, we can all take individual actions to help reduce the air emissions that contribute to air pollution” said Alexandra Dunn, Regional Administrator of EPA’s New England Office.

Poor air quality affects everyone, but some people are particularly sensitive to air pollutants, including people who are active outdoors, and people with respiratory diseases such as asthma. EPA recommends that people in these areas limit strenuous outdoor activity. On these days, the public and businesses can take actions that will help reduce air pollution and protect the public health. Everyone can reduce air pollution through the following actions:

-use public transportation, or combine errands and car-pool to reduce driving time and mileage;
-use less electricity by turning air conditioning to a higher temperature setting if possible
-use less electricity by turning off lights, TVs and computers when they are not being used
-avoid using small gasoline-powered engines, such as lawn mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, power-washers, air compressors and leaf blowers on unhealthy air days.

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