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Aaron Hernandez conviction reinstated, Bristol County DA responds



Today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has reinstated the 1st degree murder conviction of Aaron Hernandez.

The conviction of Hernandez had previously been overturned due to a law that states a defendant cannot be considered guilty if he/she dies before the appeal can be heard.

Bristol County DA Thomas Quinn issued the following statement:

“I am very pleased with the Supreme Judicial Court’s decision today, which eliminated the outdated practice of abatement ab initio. This decision acknowledged that there was no rational basis for continuing to follow this practice. The interest of all parties in a conviction, especially victims and their families, was never fairly considered prior to today’s ruling. As I’ve previously stated, the defendant was fairly convicted by a jury of his peers because he was guilty of the brutal murder of Odin Lloyd. What he could not have accomplished in life, he should not be able to attain in death. This is a fair and well-reasoned decision that is based on common sense and the real circumstances of modern life, and preserves the integrity of a jury’s verdict. This ruling accurately reflects what happened in this case. The defendant was convicted and his death does not wipe out his conviction like it never occurred. I would like to thank Ursula Ward and the rest of Odin Lloyd’s family for their patience, dignity and perseverance through this difficult process. I hope today’s ruling will bring them a sense of satisfaction that justice has been done.”

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